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Crowns and Bridges

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Porcelain dental crowns

A crown consists of a tooth-shaped dental appliance that is placed at the site of a tooth that has been lost or damaged in order to restore its function and appearance. Our crowns are constructed using porcelain because of the material’s natural appearance and superb functionality. There are many uses for a dental crown, including:

- Protecting a weakened tooth or a tooth that has recently been treated with a root canal
- Serving as a replacement for missing teeth by being placed on top of dental implants
- Fixing problems related to functionality (i.e. chewing)
-Aesthetically improving one’s smile
- Supporting misshapen teeth, as well as those with large fillings and/or hairline fractures

Patients who receive a porcelain crown will typically require two visits to our office. The first visit consists of shaving off a part of the affected tooth in order to allow the crown to fit. In cases where the crown is being placed at the site of a lost tooth, a dental implant will be installed for the crown to be added later. Our dental experts will take impressions of the patient’s mouth to construct a customized crown that resembles the shape and shade of their natural teeth. Finally, the patient will receive a temporary restoration until their permanent porcelain crown is ready.

Between the first and second visits, the patient’s permanent custom porcelain crown will be constructed in a specialized dental laboratory using the impressions that were taken during the first visit. During the second visit, the temporary restoration will be removed, and the custom porcelain crown will be permanently affixed to the tooth.

Porcelain bridges

A dental bridge, also known as a partial denture, is a prosthetic device that is used to replace multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges are designed to fill the gap created by missing teeth by attaching natural-looking artificial teeth to the remaining teeth on both sides of the gap. Much like regular dentures, bridges can be removable or permanently-fixed within the mouth. As is the case with our crowns, we construct our bridges using porcelain due to the material’s natural look and excellent performance.

Fixed bridges are attached either by permanently bonding prosthetic teeth directly to the supporting teeth or by placing crowns upon the supporting teeth. Removable bridges remain securely in place by using metal clasps or precision attachments. The user can take their removable bridge out of their mouth for cleaning purposes.

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